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Scope of Responsibility

The Trustees of the Epworth Education Trust acknowledge they have overall responsibility for ensuring that the Trust has an effective and appropriate system of control, financial and otherwise. They have delegated the day to day responsibility to the CEO, as Accounting Officer, for ensuring financial controls conform with the requirements of both propriety and good financial management and in accordance with the requirements and responsibilities assigned to it in the funding agreement between the Acorn Trust and the Secretary of State for Education. They are also responsible for reporting to the Trustee Board any material weaknesses or breakdowns in internal control.

The Finance and Audit Committee is a sub-committee of the main Trustee Board. Its purpose is to assist with the decision making of the Board by enabling more detailed considerations to be given so the best means of fulfilling the Board's responsibility of ensuring the sound management of all the academy's finances and resources, including proper planning, monitoring and probity. It also incorporates the role of an audit committee.

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