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Our Vision 

‘To be a family of schools working together so all within our communities can flourish and succeed’.


 DO ALL YOU CAN summarises our ethos and vision as we believe anything is possible when approached with this attitude. It leads us as a Trust to relentlessly serve our staff, pupils and other community members.

Our Roots

The Roots are our commitment as a Trust to our schools, staff, pupils and wider community. This commitment is summarised through the six core principles.

These are:

  • We will build a family of schools with shared Methodist values, but who can support their individual communities in their own unique way
  • Best practice will be delivered through school-based models of excellence
  • Each school will deliver a dynamic and creative curriculum that holds no limits on the achievements and learning of all pupils
  • A commitment to the highest standard of pastoral care and support
  • Our education and ethos will be used to support and develop our local communities
  • Our high-quality continuous professional development will enable staff to shine and advance in their career

Our Aspirations

As a Trust, we know that as we grow we will evolve but our vision, ethos and aspirations are the foundation upon which to build this, enabling us to stay rooted to our core principles.

We aim to:

  • Have a Trust that grows and develops whilst ensuring it remains healthy, sustainable and high performing. That it becomes a Trust of excellence.  We want to build self-sustaining and effective schools rooted in their communities but also networked with a wider group of strong schools.
  • Be an outward facing organisation that continues to learn and develop whilst offering to others the ability to grow and develop through sharing of good practice.
  • Provide high quality leadership and teaching which will enthuse and inspire all learners, and enable the wider learning community to become an outstanding beacon for inclusion, providing personalised learning opportunities for all learners to succeed in order to become the very best they can be.
  • Ensure that each School will reflect the Epworth Education Trust’s strong commitment to improving the life chances of all children. We believe that where the Trust has the capacity to make a difference, it is morally bound to do so. That the children will be at the heart of everything. All decisions will be determined by what is in their best interests.
  • Make sure that the Trust plays a pivotal role in transforming and enhancing the life experiences of the wider communities they will serve. Our schools will be at the heart of compassionate and caring communities that are underpinned by strong values.
  • Provide excellent teaching of a rich, extended and balanced curriculum, which ignites curiosity, unlocks talent and realises potential. We will develop creative, passionate and respectful learners who make excellent progress and are supported by well-motivated and passionate teachers.