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Why join us? Our offer

We believe that each child deserves the best educational opportunities and we aim to create a family of schools that holds the same passion and expectation. We believe that by building a partnership of like-minded schools that continually strive to improve their offer that we can create an organisation where we all mutually benefit from this. The Epworth Education Trust schools will share resources, best practise and expertise to ensure all our pupils receive the exceptional education that they deserve. The freedoms offered through academisation and the autonomy it gives will enable us to do this. We have a range of offers available to schools seeking to join us.

Level 1: These schools already perform well and will be judged to be good or outstanding. These schools will play a key role in supporting other schools in the family of schools through our by schools for schools strategy of support. Those schools will be self-governing and will have high levels of autonomy. The Trust would support schools with the conversion process.

Level 2: These schools will require a MAT to convert to become an academy and are perhaps requiring some improvement. The Trust could provide the core offer of benefits for all joining the Trust alongside a high level of school improvement support for the school and governance development to allow for brisk improvement. Our aim would be to support these schools to become level 1 schools as quickly as possible and offer them the autonomy available at that level.

Level 3: This would be the route offered to those schools identified by the DFE as requiring a sponsor.  The Trust would take the lead in the academy conversion to allow the school to focus on the improvements they would need to make. The Trust would offer intensive support to help the school make the rapid improvement required to move from a category. During this time of improvement the Trust would support the school to allow for smooth transition to becoming a self-governing and self-supporting as quickly as possible. The aim is for schools to remain at level 3 for as short a period as possible.